Growing under LED requires good preparation

What do you now know about all the additional effects? Have you recorded the data for comparison?

Light is essential for growing plants. An elementary part in the photosynthesis process, just like water, nutrients and temperature. To understand what changes are by applying LED lighting, you must therefore know what the situation is before LED. If you have that, you also need to setup the goals your are aiming for with LED growlights.
If we consider the picture, we see the photosynthesis process clearly displayed. Sunlight and temperature influence the absorption of fertilizers dissolved in water and the leaf activity and growth of the crop.

In the case of natural light exposure, that intensity creates activity in the crop. When the temperature rises, so does activity (to some extent, of course). The effect of this is to promote water absorption, crop development and release O2.
From sunlight is common and an increase in intensity also increases the ambient temperature. We see a similar effect with HPS / SON-T lamps. However, SON-T is mainly the heat a large part and a smaller part is light. This light contains only a limited amount of grow light.

LED lighting is very specific, a tailor-made light recipe that suits the wishes of the crop, the cultivation phase and the growers goals. It influences the cultivation strategy. After all, the crop receives such focused light that the activity changes. There will be a different need for water, fertilizers and temperature.

So it is a radical and challenging change that requires a lot of attention. A solid plan of action is needed to guarantee success, which starts with a good preparation. Which crops you want to grow under LED grow light at which stage, how long does the cultivation cycle last, number of plants per surface area, what kind of light spectrum and light intensity is prefered (μmol / m² / s)? How will the crop response under these conditions? What are the climate conditions (read: temp, rv, CO2, etc.) in the closed environment? Etc.

Consider this when you start working with LED:
- What do I want to achieve?
- Which spectrum and intensity is best for this crop (stage)?
- What is the photoperiod?
- What temperature is associated with this?
- Etc.

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