On the spot: Pulse Meter

The plant development starts through growth, which creates the need for fertilizers, moisture, light and temperature, etc. All this to allow photosynthesis to take place. We influence the external factors above ground by measuring, tracking and controlling fairly precisely, of course, taking into account the plant needs and objectives of the grower.

We also try to influence more underground with the choice of an organic or inorganic substrate, a crop-specific substrate recipe, customized fertilization (compound or single), watering and choice of cultivation system.

It is clear that measuring = knowing.

There are systems or solutions developed for each zone that the grower wants to monitor. Some are very intensive and others can be determined at the touch of a button. Often this is easier with inorganic than with organic.

With the Pulse Meter from BlueLab you can easily and accurately measure EC, moisture and temperature with a single click. This way you are able to unlock the full potential of your plants. After all, plants need the right amount of food (nutrients) to thrive; measuring conductivity ensures that your plants have access to the correct amount of nutrients at every stage of growth.

In addition, measuring the humidity is essential. The result of your crop is achieved by optimizing the irrigation cycles and water consumption to also control the risk of root infections. Finally, by regularly measuring the temperature in the substrate, you can detect temperature fluctuations and optimize the root function. For that the Pulse Meter can a great solution in a variety of growing media, including potting soil, potting mixes and coconut mixes, as well as nutrient solutions. The Meter’s built-in depth gauge also ensures that you get consistent readings with every measurement.

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