Coco blocks for tomato, cucumber, pepper, roses etc.  by Cubic Grow

Coco Grow Block

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Features of the Coco Grow Block

  • Specially developed for young plants and suite the growers necessities.
  • High quality 
  • Renewable, enviromentally friendly substrate 
  • Fully degradable netting
  • A perfect match with our Coir Grow Bag

Coco peat blocks are made from compressed Coco Peat and Coir Fiber. These Blocks are manufactured from a variety of mixtures to accommodate the demands of each grower. On request, Coco Chips and Coco Crushed can be added to these Block's mixtures.

Coco peat is mostly composed of coir fiber essence, also known as coir dust, which is obtained by processing coconut husk and separating the long strands.

Our coco peat block does have a very low salt content and a low EC. This coco peat has been washed completely after maturing and treating the soil for over a year and a half.

200pcs/box; circa 7200pcs/pallet.

Minimum order quantity - box

Quote on request possible!

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