Arize® Integra

Arize® Integra

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Features & BenefitsProven to increase plant growth, fruit ripening speed and yields

  • Best-in-class efficiency of 3.5 μmol/J
  • PPF up to 346 µmol/s using just 99W
  • Daisy-chainable—up to 165 fixtures
  • Bidirectional 120° beam angle precisely targets light dispersion
  • Installs within the canopy to supplement top lighting
  • IP66 and Wet Location rated

Adding supplemental LED lighting within the canopy of high wire crops is proven to encourage plant growth, accelerate fruit ripening speed and substantially increase yield. The Integral features a bidirectional 120° beam angle, immersing lower leaves on both sides of the fixture in light, and best-in-class efficacy of 3.5 μmol/J, for more sustainable growth.

Project prices on request

(additional cables, wires and brackets available)

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We are bringing knowledge, innovative and sustainable products to every grower, worldwide.

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