Rolling bench with ebb flow bottom
Growing bench with gutters to custom requirements
Cultivation table adjustable to requested requirements

Aluminum Grow Tables

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The cultivation tables are available in both fixed and rollable configurations. The tables are made totally to order and are made of an aluminum superstructure installed on a galvanized steel or aluminum base.

Tables for increasing the welding model and the export model

The aluminum superstructure can be built in either a welding or export model. The welding variant is made up of entirely pre-welded aluminum pieces that are roughly 6.00-7.00 meters long and must be joined together on site. This makes it very simple to construct the tables.

Our supplier provides an export model growing table for the export and/or overseas market to save transportation volume. This style growing table has specific screw connections between the side and cross profiles. The tables may be quickly assembled on-site, and welding connections are no longer necessary.

Here's a sampling of the options:
*ebb/flood bottoms made of aluminum
*duct bottoms made of plastic
*bottoms for tempex ebb/flood
*bottoms with wire mesh
*bottoms made of expanded metal
*bottoms of tempex flat plates
*bottoms made of tempex with ventilation holes
*Bottoms made of plasticol and shinplay
*cultivation gutters with bottoms made of aluminum plate

Bottom heating and/or AP foil can be installed in a variety of bottoms.

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