Arize Factor ML300 - Horticultural lighting; LED growlight - Cubic Grow
Horticultural lighting; LED growlight - Cubic Grow
Arize Factor ML300 - Horticultural lighting; LED growlight - Cubic Grow

Arize® Factor ML300

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High-efficiency professional LED grow light designed to power vegetative growth in high density indoor cultivation spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • More light, fewer watts—PPF up to 1728 µmol/s using just 622W
  • Efficiently drive vegetative development in single or multi-tier environments
  • Versatile—each light bar can hang independently from top or side hanging bars
  • Reliable and rugged: passes the industry’s most extensive testing
  • rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection
  • Wide (140°) spread for even lighting over a 4’ by 4’ footprint
  • Cover more area with up to 3x fewer fixtures
  • Three tailored spectrums for targeted plant response, from strong initial growth to increased production of secondary metabolites
  • Deeper penetration promotes compact and more canopy level flowering sites


Professional LED Horticultural Lighting for Single or Multi-Tier Indoor Farms

Arize® Factor ML300 provides a robust, reliable and scalable lighting solution for the most demanding, high-density, indoor vertical cultivators. Tested to the industry’s most rigorous standards, Arize® Factor ML300 offers some of the highest performance and efficiency in its class. Ideal for multi-level growth chambers, cultivators enjoy fast, vigorous growth while using less energy.

Available with 4-, 5-, 6-bar arrays

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