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Arize H1000  reflector options- Horticultural lighting; HPS top light - Cubic Grow


ARIZE® H1000

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Features & Benefits

  • Versatile installation with multiple hook and reflector options
  • All-in-one, plug n’ play fixture for quick and easy installation
  • High PPF output: 2050 µmol/s
  • Increased radiant heat for warming crops in cooler environments
  • Compatible with Arize Element® LED top lights in hybrid lighting plans
  • Suitable for both greenhouses and indoor farms
  • Excellent light uniformity over a 5’ x 4’ (152 x 122 cm) footprint
  • Available in 277/347 and 480 VAC versions


Solid, compact 1000W DE-HPS greenhouse style lighting fixture that can be used in conjunction with our LED technology for hybrid lighting solutions.

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Available end of Q3, 2021


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