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Arize® Element R400 - Top Light

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Growth type

For Yearround optimum crop growth!


  • True 1:1 replacement for legacy 400W HPS greenhouse fixtures
  • Ultra-slim form factor for minimal crop shading
  • Super-low energy consumption: 195 watts
  • 84% more efficient than HPS at 2.8 µmol/J
  • Superior uniformity: unique optic design spreads light evenly over 4’ x 4’ footprint
  • Reliable and rugged: rated IP66 for water and dust resistance
  • High performance: PPF of up to 550 µmol/s
  • Operating temperature of up to +40 ᵒC
  • Easy to install, low weight.
  • Driver seperate included


The Arize™ Element L400 (Top Light)  is an LED growing system for photoperiod extension or low DLI crops. The compact Element L400 delivers up to 550 µmol/s with minimal shadowing, and radiates negligible heat compared to an HPS or CMH system, for year-round growing.

Available length: 0.6m (2ft)

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Accessories incl.


- Driver 120v-240VAC, 700mA, 210W, UL, dimmable driver- 1.5kg




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