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Truncheon Nutrient Meter


Truncheon Nutrient Meter

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Features of the Truncheon

  • Robust and reliable construction for long-lasting value
  • Fully waterproof; splash, submerge or sink - we've got you covered
  • Automatically detects liquids and bright LEDS indicate measurement for brilliantly simple functionality
  • Long-format design for mixing and measuring nutrient reservoirs simultaneously
  • No calibration required and easy to clean and disinfect
  • All conductivity scales included – EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS), PPM 700
  • Industry-leading five-year warranty for peace of mind


Bluelabs Truncheon Nutrient meter is a EC meter that is built to last a lifetime, almost unbreakable. robust and fully waterproof. And easy to use.
Usable in hydroponics..

Why measure conductivity and optimize nutrient levels?
All plants need access to the correct amount of food (nutrients) so that they can grow and flourish. Over- or under-feeding your plants can result in the waste of expensive nutrient resources and plant health issues.

The simplest way to keep track of the amount of nutrients in your solution is to measure conductivity, which refers to the total ionic content (dissolved salts) in a solution. From a scientific perspective, when nutrients are added, this creates the potential for electricity to move through a solution, increasing the electrical conductivity.

By measuring and adjusting nutrient levels, you’ll ensure that your plants are getting the macro- and micro-nutrients they need for superior plant health.

How to take a reading:
To measure your solution, simply place the meter's probe head into the solution and the reading will be indicated by flashing lights on the meter. 

If the flashing lights are alternating between two numbers, the reading is the value between those two numbers. For example, if the lights are alternating from 0.8EC and 1.0EC, the reading is 0.9EC.

To take another reading, simply submerge your meter probe head into the solution again. 

Calibration of the Truncheon® Nutrient Meter is not required, these meters are factory calibrated. The probe just needs to be kept clean.

The Truncheon Meter has four available scales: EC, CF, ppm500 (TDS) and ppm700 (EC x 700). 

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