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Arize Lynk2 for your indoor farm Arize Lynk2 for your indoor farm
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Customized growing solutions for professional growers, Indoor Farms and Horticulture!

Our business is professional B2B.

Always ask us for a quotation specific to your growing environment!

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Growlights for Horticulture - GE Current
Unlock Plant Growth. Bluelab for all measure equipment - Cubic Grow
VegBed Growing Mediums. The cleanest and easiest way to start your plants and microgreens - Cubic Grow
Measurement equipment reliable quality for horticulture, which is why you can rely on Nieuwkoop!
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We focus 100% on maximizing your yields. We start by sharing our latest knowledge and experience regarding the implementation and / or replacement of high-quality (lighting) technology.

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